Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pomegranate Softening Facial Wash

The Pomegranate range addresses the signs of ageing. This cleanser softly cleanses and refreshes skin.

    • Cleanses and refreshes
    •  Leaves skin feeling soft and silky
    •  Skin feels firmer and brighter
    •  Softens the appearance of wrinkles

     This facial wash comes in their Natrulift skincare line, which uses pomegranate extract as a natural alternative to retinol--in essence, it reduces the signs of skin aging in the most natural way possible. I’ll be reviewing other products in this line when I’m ready.
    At first, I hesitate on using the products in their skincare line because I’m still young to have fine lines though, admittedly, I do have wrinkles now. After consulting some people regarding using Anti-aging products at my young age, I decided to give it a try.
    This facial wash comes in 100ml tube which is good enough for the price. Most facial wash nowadays come in 100g products. I don’t really like products that use grams instead of ml because you don’t really know how much products are inside the tube.  (except for water, as 1grams=1 ml, because density is 1).
    One thing I notice about this range is that they all have the same scent. I’m pretty lame in describing scents so yes, I can’t explain how it smells but I really do like the smell. Compared to other products this one smells light which I like. I can’t say it smells like pomegranate since I haven’t even seen pomegranate since birth lol!