Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pomegranate Softening Cream Cleanser

The Pomegranate range addresses the signs of ageing. This cleanser effectively removes make-up and impurities, leaving skin feeling soft, more supple and refreshed.

Skin Care

* Removes make-up and impurities
* Gently cleanses
*  Leaves skin feeling soft and silky
 * Skin feels firmer and brighter
 * Softens the appearance of wrinkles

There was a time when the pomegranate was as pervasive as a Katy Perry song on the airwaves, nearly as ubiquitous as the word “ubiquitous” has become. 2007 witnessed the launch of more than 400 pomegranate products, from cocktails to gumdrops. Thanks to $20 million in research by the Pom Wonderful company, the pomegranate’s particular health benefits - on evils like heart disease, staph infection, and erectile dysfunction - were widely published in medical journals and promulgated by the media. However, it seemed that the pomegranate’s golden years were over and that this superfruit was starting to feel rather passé. Not so, according to The Body Shop, which recently launched the Natrulift skincare line starring - you guessed it - pomegranate extract.